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From the Heart

Dear Friend,

I've been through a lot in my life, as most of us have. But, my path has been very trying, tumultuous & tragic, more than the average person. I have been to hell & back, love, lost, endured, rebounded, fell, crashed, burned, came out swinging, scrambled to stay alive & survived by the skin of my teeth (several times). I came from a place of total despair, depression, defeat, anguish, anger & issues. To now be here, is an incredible accomplishment. 

Yes, I appear virtually unscathed & all my limbs & faculties are intact. Things could have been worse. However, the personal impact of anyone's plight should never be up for debate. We all have a story. Don't we? 

That said, I would really like for folks to READ MINE.

I didn't endure it for no reason, live to tell, or write about it just for myself. There are important lessons embedded, wisdom imparted, fresh perspectives to be had. It's a powerful script of what NOT to do. It's a reminiscence of an archive of broken pieces & how they can magically fall back together. 

Furthermore, it took a lot of courage to do this. So much so, that I originally published it buried in the back of my latest book "Pandora's Box Is Burning." But now, after I decided I wasn't afraid to be seen or heard... it got wings. Big ass ones.

I can assure you, you'll dig it.

Warm Regards,

Jenay Zapp

From the Summary

Who doesn't like a little tumultuous tale every now & then?


It's not every day you get to listen to a true story about the incredible golden gumption of the human spirit, & how it can, indeed, beat defeat. Welcome to this personal plight... may you marvel at the courage & candor, the art of recollection, the courtesy of a proficient execution, the charismatic way she draws you in. You will see what "speaking your truth" looks like, & witness how it lands for everybody involved, no matter what the uncomfortable cost.

An unbridled venture back in time, this provocative full circle moment is a tell-all account of the author's unorthodox passage through the halls of humanhood. 

Somehow, it all makes perfect sense even when it doesn't. Through the darkest hour, the promise of perseverance prevails. This is a book about how children are the future, & how we treat them... makes or breaks our world. This is a book about forgiveness & complete freedom for all of us, no matter what eats you up inside or how deep the cut. No longer buried in the back of "Pandora's Box Is Burning," where it originally debuted, this special edition spawn for an all-inclusive broader audience where everyone is bound to relate. 

We all have a story... don't we?

ENJOY a sample! Download & read the first chapter HERE compliments of BookonFire Press