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Writing books in tandem seems to be my thing these days. Double the trouble brings double the victory laps, & lucky for you... double the punch! Sha---zam!

Here lie my "Double Features"

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These unique pairs showcase the books that spawn initially as ONE & split in TWO for publication. The Universe is a sneaky little critter, ain't she....

Double Trouble

By: Moose & Muffy

The 2021 Pair

Pandora's Box is Burning

LOVE... is the True Final Frontier of Humankind

This badass book is for all people worldwide because we are all one species: human beings, & ALL LIVES MATTER. However... there are two kinds of people in the world at the present juncture: the dreaming & awake. If you are awake or want to be, this book was made to serve YOU above all.

  • This is for the "Truthers," the Doomsday Theorists, folks who inherently question authority.

  • This is for all who are painstakingly crawling out of the traps of religiosity to seek solace in the safe haven of sovereign spirituality.

  • This is for all those who would just like to know what the heck is going on with humanity, our world & the state of our union or not.

  • This book will help ANYONE navigate this thing called life much smoother & with a real advantage that will never fade or falter. And that... is a promise.

Your best version awaits!

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The Devil's in the Detailz

Who doesn't like the good old rotary phone days of mixed tapes & mosh pits, when times were much more... NOT pandemic?

Originally debuted, buried in the back half of "Pandora's Box Is Burning," I am not sure how long it took for me to realize that I was HIDING my truth. Visit the "Brand New" menu tab for a complete overview.

Otherwise, I will just say:

  1. It is a creatively composed recollection of uncomfortable truths which make it a captivating page turner

  2. On a lighter note, it's an amusing, fun wild ride down the memory lane of the... oh so enchanting, 80s & 90s

And just in case you ever thought of writing your own memoir one day... observing the way this one all came together for ME, will be a great start. With no further ado... thank you for letting me share!

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The 2020 Pair

The Age of Aquarius

This book SHINES

Not only does it have a 3 chapter fantastic fly-thru of my compelling (pop the corn) life story, but... it is absolutely necessary for humanity to grow & advance full speed ahead toward & within the New Renaissance or Golden Age of Man we are currently merging with. This comprehensive jackpot of Immaculate Intel will change the game for you.

Do not wait one more single solitary second to dive into this mind-altering material

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God's 21st Century

Riveting as all get-out...

The material presented here will rock your world & the next ten people you come into contact with. It is BOOK 2 in the “Thee Trilogy of the Ages” series, which is more like a collection, so be sure to click on the series link in the menu bar (Direct Route) & read all about what that means.

Unleashed right alongside its twin sister, "Age of Aquarius," this book is especially for anybody who knows anybody or IS SOMEBODY that has had a brush with, or a full on marriage with addiction or recovery. You don't want to miss this, fam.

Be a smart shopper & buy this book for you or that someone special...TODAY!

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