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If you would like to know how to rise above all challenges in life & make peace with your inner light, so it will live in conjunction with you right here now & always... it's your lucky day!

There are no quick fixes in life, but there are shortcuts, tips & tricks. Your soul wants you to find out what they are...

You're Invited!

Self-empowerment/Soul Mastery/Social Justice/Transformation/Ahimsa   

Life can be challenging, relationships can cause grief, the world spins & spits off sparks of fire that burn us 

We, the people of both the USA & the rest of the domesticated globe, have fallen victim to being a victim to our own problems. The Soul has gone unnoticed, unrecognized, unfed. We are starving her & she is suffocating in the box we have trapped her in. 

Learning to live free & happy, here on this planet, can only happen with the soul's cooperation 

We cannot force the best self into our human vessel, or the good life into our experience. We must draw them to the surface, charm them into existence, seduce them to BE. 

There has never been a book quite like this 

This handy guide confronts all million-dollar questions, taboo topics, current events, HIS-story, old programming & uncomfortable truths. Written through the conscious lens of a TRUTHER with an attitude, it will meet you wherever you are, take you by the hand & walk you forward into your bliss, even when you may be kicking & screaming. This book is about SOLUTIONS, & can save the world by helping to make you a better person. You best not sit this one out.   

YOU are a magical being of miracle light.

Act like it.

Est. 2022

Human Sexuality/Self-empowerment

Social Psychology/Pornography

Transformation/Sex Education


This book could burst into a million little butterflies if you squeeze it too hard

Pornography is a saucy subject with tons of fans & tons of foes all at once. It is the only platform in the world that is loved & hated in tandem.

The porn trade, the sex industry, the old soul of prostitution are culturally condemned but ironically met with extreme enthusiasm as they remain the most exalted & explored arena of our day.

Indeed, there is more than meets the eye

Tap into a pleasure principle way more enchanting than just a surfacy shag. New Earth commands conscious connections, not empty erections.

We are reemerging as a human race of full-blown beings beaming light & love who are sexually charged in a whole new way. Old worn-out, tethered, tawdry trysts are phasing out. Be a part of something greater. Let's begin!

Another Sexual Revolution Is Dawning

You're Invited!

Her Words


This book is not a 50 Shades novel of sorts that you’ll be able to hide in your bathroom with, nestle next to or sneak into the overnight bag. The material presented here is rather, a non-fictional unveiling of many hidden truths, including my very own… that will have you likely stunned, in some cases.

You will find a thorough in-depth investigation of human nature, our cultural practices & of my innumerable personal life experiences. You will be fascinated, especially if you do not typically engage in such subject matter.

So then, if you ever wanted permission to indulge your senses, get squirmy in your seat & bond with your inner sexual deviant… permission granted. Prepare to rediscover Sex-Ed in a whole new way!

I can assure you, It's like nothing you have ever read before.

Warm Regards,

Jenay Zapp

From the Summary

Welcome to this lavish stroll into forbidden & uncomfortable territory: pornography 

The good ole racy visuals that get our juices flowin’, AKA: porno, is not popular chit-chat amongst prudes & the pious. Heck, it'll make just about each & every one of us bashfully blush. This topic is left out of classrooms, awkward with couples & straight sinful at church. This topic may not be freely bounced around the dinner table, however, here in this book, it bounces right up into the sky & grows wings like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. 

Tuck your good graces in safely now, we are going on a salacious adventure

Strap in or on… there will be no stone left unturned. The material presented, will sweep you into a tizzy. The afternoon delight of pornography is a wild child in our culture. Many folks abhor the subject, are scared of it or repulsed, it pulls triggers, it pushes buttons, it steals souls. Then there are those who are either closet addicts or merely recreational users. All demographics are covered here.

Breaking taboo subject matter out of comfort zones & laying out the big picture spread eagle, this expose is fun, exciting & anything but shy. 


Sex & porn in our society from present day to dating way back to its humble beginnings, centuries ago, will be viewed through a common sense 21st century lens, no holds barred. We witness how far the industry has come, all its crazy sexcapades along the way, where it’s going & how that relates to our entire social structure, culture, families, relationships, morale, ethical standards, spirituality, & soul growth. We get a bird’s eye view of what a healthy sexual revolution looks like & how we are moving towards it NOW. 

Rated: M for Mature Audiences

Viewer discretion is advised 

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