Tap into to what?

Well, if you don't know... you might be living under a rock.

Religion says "God", government says policy, the workforce says a time clock, school says focus, sports say practice, goals say commitment. Hobbies say fun. Family says loyalty. But your soul says: SELF. Treat YOURSELF, as you would want to be treated.

Tapping into the good life starts with tapping into YOU

The contents of this book will get you to do just that by reading along or listening with your antenna flung high. You have to AGREE to this intel. It's an invitation you need to RSVP with your PERMISSION. If you do, mark my words, this book will light you up. It will be a ride you will not soon forget. It's a 'live wire' as they say. It will magnetically compel you to return again & again to repeat the streams of consciousness provided. You will be drawn back over & over, until it all clicks, locks, snaps into place, activates & upgrades. You're welcome.

Your individual life path matters, & although the human plight varies, at the end of the day, everybody wants the same thing: to be in alignment with their soul, purpose, passion, & drive to be alive. What else is there? Anything less is just mediocre dry beans & parboiled white rice that is bland, chalky & chewy. Don't let the flavor escape & the tenderness fade. Do you really think you landed here by accident? This book has been waiting for YOU. Tune in. Turn on. 

Tap in! 

The Good Life is for EVERYBODY!

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