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Est. 2019

The Decline of Civility

This reckoning of our species needs no introduction

Released in the preposterous political shitshow of circa 2019, BOOK 1 in “Thee Trilogy of the Ages” series, which is more like a collection that can be read in any order (see link "Direct Route" in drop-down menu) you really don’t want to sit this one out. The material presented here is an uncensored account of all that has been suffocating the human spirit for centuries. “We can’t breathe,” is an understatement. The heart of Mother Earth is a pin cushion.

This book exposes ALL OF IT

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Est. 2018

Magnetic Prosperity

It is TIME to reclaim our Divine birth right to be PROSPERITY CONSCIOUS

We each deserve to be abundant, connected to wealth, fortune & favor by a default gear. This book will show you how that is possible & give you indispensable TOOLS. Poverty Consciousness has been a streaming, live & active program running within the hearts & minds of all the people who have thus been branded with the Status Quo's incessant propaganda since birth, & it is now time to BREAK THE CHAINS.

This wild ride is noisy, bratty, bold with no holds barred & was written back when I was knee-deep in the grind

It was the second book I ever published & was inspired by all the folks that were once so relevant in my life. Now, they are... not so much. Life goes on. People move away. Connections fade. We all change. I changed 100% from back then. However, it certainly does not discount the fact that this book contains timeless wisdom & advanced knowledge way ahead of its time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your THRIVE on!

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Est. 2016

The Book of Beautiful Feelings

Originally stirred up around 2013 on scrap paper & juice-stained journals...

This book finally came to fruition in 2016 after a raucous ride. I am pleased to say it was my very first book. It is different from the rest of my books because it dawned only when I was just beginning to feel like it was safe enough to shine. I just came off the streets of Philadelphia & like a cat... managed to land on my feet somehow. It contains a rather distinct version of the most harrowing part of my life story, not for the faint of heart. However, the pages thereafter are a delightful peruse down the endless isles of imagination, leading to all the many ways that...

ANYONE can heal their demons, if you just invite them in for a little sweet tea

Not to mention, FEELING GOOD is how we maintain freedom. Deliberately CHOOSING to feel good is the modus operandi of a MASTER MANIFESTOR. Gain this skill just by reading! Fortified with over 100 colorful images, this book is like a cool magazine from cover to cover.

If you do not have the beautiful feeling faucet flowing by the end of this book you just might be dead inside

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