Attention Revolutionary Characters

If you write & independently publish Rock Your World Books that SPEAK TRUTH & would like to reach more people... please shoot me an email. Subject line: "Revolutionary Author"

  • Going forward, this page plans to feature THE TRIBE. Individual sections will have: "Meet the Author & meet the Rock Your World Book to match."

  • Featured Authors will get airtime here with the simple placement of their book, a short summary, author pic, brief bio & link to purchase &/or download a sample.

  • Just think of it like a showroom at your local car dealership. It's a showroom for BOOKS. Your book will merely be featured on this page in random order (no strings) for the scrolling pleasure of the visitor.

  • This is a FREE service. This page merely wants like minds to gather for the sake of offering the general public "Rock Your World" books. I know I'm not the only one. Looking forward to your presence here!

Disclaimer: BookonFire Press reserves the right to accept or reject any material that does not meet the "Rock Your World" standard of content, which should rightfully be composed of TRUTH only.