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Cool Kids Meditate

Meditation Benefits

Aligning with our unique soul design is the biggest benefit of all

When we get good at the practice of sitting still, we allow the "monkey mind" to run out like through a faucet. In doing so, the "the still small voice," our higher mind, can be HEARD. Thus, we organically align with ease, flow, downstream abundance, health, wealth & joy. In recent years, even SCIENCE has found that meditation, when practiced on a regular basis, has many health benefits. Studies have shown that with as little as 10 to 15 minutes of daily meditation, we can improve our physical and emotional health while at the same time strengthening our minds.

Devoting a few minutes out of our day to meditation is time well spent

Let Me Count the Ways

  • stabilizes the autonomous nervous system

  • increases concentration, self-esteem, self-confidence, spontaneity, creativity & depth of awareness.

  • studies show that meditators have warmer interpersonal relationships

  • lessens anxiety, increases problem-solving ability, boosts creativity

  • reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.

  • It slows the heart rate & lowers high blood pressure

  • EMG activity increases

  • improves focus, awareness and concentration

  • stomach function and bowel function improve

  • endocrine function is heightened, producing a decreased response to stressful situations

  • body posture is improved

  • stamina increases

  • improved energy level and vitality

  • production of serotonin increases

  • intake of oxygen gets stronger

  • decreases muscle tension and headaches

  • increases exercise tolerance in heart patients

  • leads to a deeper level of relaxation

  • helps those who suffer from insomnia

  • helps to improve chronic diseases like allergies and asthma

  • helps those who suffer from chronic pain

  • reduces premenstrual syndrome

  • helps in post-operative healing

  • enhances the immune system

  • slows & may reverse the aging process

  • helpful for treating habits and addictions


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